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Studio Policies | Tuition


Weekly Youth Lesson Tuition

Tuition is by the semester and can be paid in one sum or across 4 payments. 

Lessons are $40 for a half hour or $55 for 45 minutes. 

Tuition includes lesson fees, free group classes and a $35 fee for the final concert, which pays for facility rental and a backing musician. 

Payment can be made for the entire semester or month by month. Monthly payment is due at the first lesson of the month. 

Payment can be made in cash, checks made out to Ellery Klein, 

or paid through Venmo ID: @Ellery-Klein-1. 

Missed Lessons

I have reserved my time specifically for your student. Tuition is based on my reserved time, not student attendance.

Let me know in writing, via email or text message if you know you are not coming in advance. 

For same day cancellations, please send a text message.


Semester tuition includes one free lesson which counts as a makeup for a sick day or missed lesson. If you make all your lessons, you've earned a free lesson! 

There are no other makeups, except one snow day per semester. This will be made up on school vacation weekends. Let me know ASAP if you will be away these dates, and we can make other arrangements.

If a religious holiday is the reason you must miss, notify me >2 wks in advance and we will arrange a makeup. 

If I, the teacher, need to cancel lessons for reasons of illness or emergency, I will also schedule an additional makeup date. 

Swapping Lessons

If a conflict arises, you may contact other students to seek a lesson swap. (If you have a 45 minute lesson and switch for a 30 minute lesson, the schedule cannot be altered.) 

*Please notify me after the switch has been decided and cc all parties on the email so I can be sure that everyone is on the same page. 

Discontinuing Lessons

3 weeks notice is required if you decide not to continue lessons for any reason. If you have paid by semester, the remainder will be refunded, minus the required 3 weeks' notice. 


Park on Fells Ave & use caution crossing the street. Enter through Fells Ave entrance. 

It's best to arrive no more than 5 minutes early, but if you do, come in and quietly take a seat on the couch while the previous lesson finishes up.