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Preschool Music | Early Childhood


The Tugboats at Harbor City School love our music class with Ellery! She is a talented artist with a gift for interacting and communicating with children. She develops new dimensions of music for the children through movement, instruments, made-up verses, and dance. She finds ways to interact with every child personally. They look forward to seeing her each week and greet her with big hugs. Ellery brings the joy of music to our classroom!

-Megan Stanton, Harbor City School Director

Every preschool student deserves a music class full of fun, song and dance!

 Nothing makes me happier than a room full of children singing and dancing with a smile on their face! 

By using familiar songs in a variety of ways, and introducing new songs, chants in English, songs in Spanish, and music from all over the world...the children move, jump, crawl, clap, tap, explore hand-held instruments, dance with scarves, feel rhythm with a parachute, listen quietly to a lullaby -or my violin- and have fun right up to my own goodbye composition, “See You All Next Time!” 

In addition to my own, constantly growing and evolving music program, I am happy to tailor any music program to align with your school’s educational method, goals or philosophy. I visit two to three preschools a week. Contact me at